Afghan Family


Dear Afghan families, friends, students, collegues, in these days I’ve been thinking a lot about you. I was putting order in all the Photos that I cannot share it Publicly, but i want to share my Deep Love to all of you, Deep Gratitude fro all the teaching you gave me, for protecting, helping, supporting and Deep Trusting me.
What I feel inside now It’s something that is too big to share it by words. Words cannot tell the joy and again the deep gratitude that I would like to tell you.

October 2, I’ll held a conference for the International Day of Nonviolence in which there will be the Italian Previous Minister of Foreigner affairs.
I will have clear in my mind and heart your eyes, your words, your deep confessions and your opinions about it.
I will just do my best to plant seeds for changing the way some polititian think about life, think about international help, think about peace.
Peace cannot come from a broken heart, cannot start from a man that is shooting others, either we call it “peacekeeping operation” or “conflict resolution”.
Peace comes from hearts deep in Love, pece comes from the people that have inside happiness,
Esose “garm”Torre ad herat Shadi.

Tashakur Afghan Family

It’s a Treasure your friendership for me,

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