A new instant


The interrupt change
In the breath of the bowels,
Between tension and blocks.

I find myself like a corpuscle
That flows into the arteries
It Enters and bangs in the veins,
Sometimes confused from toxic nourishments,
Others instead fast and clear
With a still look towards the horizon of the skin.

I leave sweating,
I come back drinking.

So many gentle walks
And how many challenging rowings,
In this floating, communicating vessels.

Sweating for changing
Seems the protestant master said
Even if this sweating
Is trasforming with its salt netly
The liquid physiology
Of this universal hydraulic.

I feel like an axon of a neuron
Outstretched to the connection of the next impulse
Impatient of a new synapse,
A new in-charge
A new istant

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