Body-Emotional Coping with Interpersonal Reality for Children Refugees

I’ve been invited to share an ideal program for helping I’ve been invited to share an ideal program for helping 10’000 children refugees #RefugeeEducation




Helping a large number of people, specially children, require training teachers, social workers and psychologers in the local area.

Starting by giving them simple and pratical tools for reconizing their own feelings, for coping with stress and interpersonal reality problems, then share it with children.

chai chain chain. all rights reserved Most of refugees suffer from being uprooted, spacing out, they do not feel belonging with any land and in this deep feeling there is a poor stability of the mind, the instrument that we have to cope with reality.

An approch that I’ll suggest for this particular context, is based on 3 topics to workout and doesn’

t need too much theoretical approach since the method it’s mostly pratical.

1- Somatic reaction of basic emotion and where to go to stabilize it

– Fear to Trust

– Anger to Compassion

– Sadness to Joy

– State of Happiness & Love

2- Somatic workout for grounding and anchoring

– Bioenergetic exercize that come from psychotherapy

– Basical hatha yoga cycle of 10 exercize to rebalancing

– Mindfulness on somatic reality

3- Playtherapy for coping with reality

– 4 different games

6 days training on the field, means for a trainee, one year sharing with children refugees.

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-For the sake of about 10’800 children refugees in 12 different Nations-

Selecting 12 International Humanitarian workers that knows the local language and have experience in social working and some psychological training.

3 months professional training, for giving them clear understanding of the 6 days training they will share with local social workers, teachers, psychologers and for preparing the material to share locally.

Selecting 12 local NGOs than can:

1- Collect and select 30 social workers, teacher and psychologers that are already working on the field with children

2- Organizing the trainings and a place for it

3-  Taking care of the international humanitarian worker local needs.

Totally, can be one year project.

30 Local trainers for each Nation can help a year at least, each of them 30 children. 900 children for Nation. For 12 Nations means 10’800 children in one year. Of course, one’s the trainers have the knowledge, can share it over the years.

We cannot change the world, but,

We can make it a better place to live.

I develop a method that can be transformed according with the need mantaining it’s core: BEM – Body-Emotional Mindfulness

Tested in Afghan University at psychological department.



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