Nowadays, into the relativistic time as a matter of fact, also relativism of opinions, religions, science, there is the absolutism of the Right to Kill.

In the well know International Ethic of War there is the right of killing someone, because someone else killed people living in other community. It doesn’t matter which kind of community we are talking about, which tags or name we use, that can be Israel VS Palestine, Jewish vs Muslim, Christian VS Atheist or citizens of this earth VS aliens it doesn’t really matter, our international Ethic include killing, we like that.

We like to feel the fear of the thirdwar, these sparkly enthusiasts anxious feelings, because our ethic included it.
We like to watch that someone else is dying, we love watching the news and see that someone is suffering more than us… like this I feel better and I can say to myself: I’m pretty much happier than you. I’m better than you. Oh Yes!

We like it, often we are not aware of it, we don’t want to take the responsibility of our proud feelings, our revenge for the fear of everyday life.

Now we are watching this disaster, these tragedies and we are asking ourselves: “who is right, Israel or Palestine?”

I come from a “so called” civilized community, Italy.

In a society like mine, which include the voyeurism of seeing in television people of other communities killing each other without saying a single word, we must ask for a public statement from the prime minister that says: “Stop Killing”.

Who are the countries that want to lead the world?
Where are those leaders that have been chosen by the people of the communities?
Inside these “superpower” countries of the world where I come from, those countries that have inside the International Ethic of War as a fundamental base of their Rights;

is there a rebel of it between you readers?.

Nothing more to say about it, this phenomenon of our thoughts it’s the explanation of this Etich of war, we have it inside.

What will be the next step?

Sending inside the field the “Peacekeeping” operation made by military forces of NATO?
How can we train a well trained professional killer to be a peaceful man?
How can we train the Mahatma Gandhi to be a Killer?

We are citizens of the world, we, that we called each other peaceful people, we have to STAND UP!
Peace is never War.

We can have conflict each other, we can have different opinions about life and behaviour, we can follow different religions, but killing is never a Right.
Come On!
We have to change this law, we have to be absolutists in that, we have to erase this International Ethic of War,

we have to say together,

Right Now,



stop killing each other



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