Love, Love? Love!

The deepest Love is the esperience of unity.

After that, we can call it being with God, with the Universe, being in Peace, Happiness or whatever word they call it around the world.
it’s that.

Then there is the Love that we can spread between human, we share it with kindness, with gentle touch and it’s nourishing us.

Then there is the desire of unity with another person, because we are vulnerable human.

 We like unity physically, mentally and with the soul. The deep intimity where we share all our vulnerable issue and we can healing eachother.
In a deep “maithuna”, we can have the esperience of cosmic unity, a healing experience.
some people never experience that, just the people that are concern, can have it.

Of course, than there are all the issue that a spiritual couple have, children, habit in life, difficulties and and all the thinghs that are the result of committment.

I call it spiritual couple because a deep connection in a relation is spiritual, not social.

Love can espress itself in many different ways, love doesn’t have bounderies that the society has…

Abide in Love, abide in Happiness.

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